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  • Jennifer T
    more than a year ago
    I Just used life pledge for the 1st time since buying my vehicle over 2 years ago, and I wont lie I was a little nervous it was a sham or we'd have problems getting it through, but I'm here to tell you it's awesome, was a piece of cake even from out of state and saved us $1100!!! I am seriously considering driving to North Country Auto from Indiana when it comes time to buy a new vehicle that's how pleased I am with their service and life pledge.
  • Kate D
    more than a year ago
    I purchased a 2014 Chevy equinox 30 days ago, and have been very happy. I did wait the 30 days to post a review because you never know what can happen. I felt no pressure from the salesman and they went above and beyond to get me into the exact car that I wanted. I will return to them when another new car is needed and am happy to recommend them to friends. Thanks North Country Auto for a pleasant easy experience, and I loved that I never once felt any pressure from the salesman ( Mike ). The car was immaculate inside and out, just a great experience overall.
  • Shawn L
    more than a year ago
    I bought my car A few years ago from these guys. The process was flawless and I even got a "real" loan after doing a credit builder program elsewhere before. This Saturday my car died right in front of the dealership 10 minutes before they opened on my way to the hospital. Within 15 minutes Greg had me in a loaner and my car setup for repair. I found out today the repair is covered by Life Pledge. Great place to do business with! Thanks Greg!
  • Ashley A
    more than a year ago
    This is the most amazing place i recommend to anyone.. They have the best machanics anyone could ask for!!
  • Caleb H
    more than a year ago
    Had a great first experience with them would definitely go back!!
  • Chad M.
    more than a year ago
    After trying several dealships in the county and getting turned down due to lack of credit (i had none). Not only did i get a great car but i got a great interest rate for having no credit at all. To top it off when i picked up the car the salesman (Greg) had bought a gift pack of car wash, wax, glass cleaner, car wipes the whole nine yards. I had that car 2 years without one problem. I would highly recommend NCA to anyone with good or bad credit. When they say they'll get you in a car they mean it!!
  • MayLing S.
    more than a year ago
    I recently just purchased a 2014 Jeep Cherokee Latitude from NCA, not only was every staff person extremely friendly and accommodating, they actually go the extra mile to make sure the purchaser is happy in anyway that they can. I waited to post my review because there was a very MINOR hiccup with my Jeep, but without a sweat it was brought it and fixed without any questions asked. When buying ANY used vehicle I think people fail to remember that it may be new to them but it’s not 100% new! Therefore you can’t always know if there is an issue until the car is being driven around consistently. I am very pleased with the customer service I have received from both NCA and their service center. Remember the golden rule people...
  • Aaron J.
    more than a year ago
    Traded in car for a 2001 gmc Yukon xl. Very pleased with it and great customer servic.
  • Alex L
    more than a year ago
    Bought my 2014 there and have nice helpful staff.
  • Candy E
    more than a year ago
    It was awesome to drive off with the car of my dreams. Thank you!
  • Brian M
    more than a year ago
    Great experience here. Extended family has bought 5 vehicles here.
  • Jessica B
    more than a year ago
    Friendly and helpful salespeople. They are very considerate and not pushy.
  • Zachary T
    more than a year ago
    I've gone through North country for a few years now and they are best in the business. You always have a friend in the car business with them and they stand behind you very well when you have any questions or concerns. They are very dependable and reliable. Best in the business
  • Dennis M
    more than a year ago
    Excellent experience. They go way above and beyond what you would expect.
  • Leah R
    more than a year ago
    They did everything within their power to get me the best deal possible! While they were unable to finance me at the APR I was seeking, they worked with my bank easily to get my deal closed within a few days! They didn’t pressure me for any of those “extras” dealerships try to tack on last minute. But, they did offer services for anything I might be interested in after we closed the deal. I felt they were there to make me happy and didn’t just see $ signs. I’ll be back to purchase my next vehicle from them as well! I worked with Bonnie, Mike, and Reid. All receive a A+ in my book for customer satisfaction!! Thank you North Country Auto!
  • John DF
    more than a year ago
    I highly recommend this family owned dealership. No business is a perfect business, but I'll tell you what, North Country Auto is pretty damn close. I'm not saying they have zero flaws, or make zero mistakes, but if and when they do, not only will the fix it and accommodate you, they'll bend over backwards to see that you're satisfied. They're honest, helpful, and reliable. THAT'S what separates them from the corporate dealerships. You have Mainers selling and helping fellow Mainers. It's nice to know there's a local dealership you can count on for honesty and reliability. Thank you gents for all that you do.
  • Joshua G
    more than a year ago
    Out of all of the dealerships I've worked with these guys have been the best thus far. More than fair offer on trade, worked with me and the bank to get the numbers right where they needed to be and the follow up on service was above and beyond. Bought a Ford sedan from them and realized after the fact that the navigation card wasn't with the vehicle, took a bit to get but they came through with a brand new one and even buffed out some scratches I didn't notice. Would definitely go back for future business.
  • Paris S
    more than a year ago
    I had such an amazing experience! Brandon was so amazing. He help me and my family get into an awesome new car. He went beyond from what was expected of him. I can't thank him enough!!! I highly recommend coming to North County Auto for their next car!
  • Alexandria O
    more than a year ago
    Literally one of the Best Buying experiences I could've asked for when trading in my Subaru for a truck. I told Brandon what I was looking for as far as specs. 4 wheel drive short bed and crew cab. he showed me a vehicle on the lot. Which was almost what I was looking for but not quite. This place has a couple of other locations. So he told me he would search the inventory for similar vehicles with the specs at their other locations. within a day I had a list of three other trucks in my email inbox to look at. One did not have photos but was within my pricepoint. I called the office. Brandon was out for the day but Katie was right on it. The vehicle was so new that they had no photos posted online yet. She called presque isle where the vehicle was located and them send photos to her cell phone. She sent them to me as soon as she received them. And told me if I liked the truck they could arrange to have it driven down and be on their bidddeford lot as early as the next morning. we pulled the trigger and I'm so glad we did. North country gave me a great trade in # value for my vehicle.Brandon and Katie went above and beyond in the customer service department and far exceeded my expectations. Very grateful to have found this company and will be doing business with them again.
  • Michael C
    more than a year ago
    I can't say enough good things! Sales staff is great. Vehicles are in excellent condition.
  • June H
    more than a year ago
    They are very committed to customer service!
  • Marcella W
    more than a year ago
    I love North Country Auto. Thank you very much for all the hard work and dedication and special attention you gave me. All of you are the best! I LOVE my car. Sincerely, Marcella
  • Jessica W
    more than a year ago
    Excellent Service! Honest, kind hearted salesmen!!!! Believe it or not they do exist and you can find them at North Country Auto in Houlton, Maine!!!
  • Troy C
    more than a year ago
    I drove by North Country Auto for a few weeks looking at cars, when I came across a 2017 Chevy Traverse. After being turned away by other dealers, I was really unsure. Bonnie and all the staff were great and reassured me they would get me approved. All around a great dealership and wonderful people.
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